Grande Stade

Grande StadeThe French Rugby Federation (FFR) has unveiled the winning design for the new French national rugby stadium. 

The ‘Grande Stade’ will be built using the designs of Populous and Ateliers 2/3/4/, and will be much more than just a rugby stadium; as well as hosting all the French rugby home matches, it will accommodate conventions, shows and a broad range of other sporting events thanks to its multi-purpose design. 

The design boasts a retractable pitch, to ensure the best possible playing surface for matches, and a retractable roof, which will help to create an intense atmosphere for sporting fixtures as well as creating the largest roofed entertainment venue in Europe, with a planned seating capacity of 82,000.

The new venue will be built South of Paris, with the architecture alluding to the hospitality and shelter of a town, with solid white stone masses on the exterior resembling the…

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Nara Dreamland

Nara Dreamland, Japan | Photograph by Chris Luckhardt. Prints available at


Wikipedia defines Urban Exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) as:

The exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby.


In the latest installment of our interview series, we chat with photographer and seasoned urban explorer Chris Luckhardt, who has not only shared his incredible photography, but also taken the time to answer questions about himself and his urbex experiences.


Chris Luckhardt: Website | Twitter | Flickr | Facebook | Instagram



Sattler Theater – Buffalo, New York

Buffalo's Abandoned Sattler Theater

Photograph by Chris Luckhardt | Prints available at



Can you give the readers a short bio Chris?

My life can be easily summarized with two words: creative exploration. As an entrepreneur, I…

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Beauty Planet Salon Design | Salon Furniture

Concrete and chandeliers, gilt-edged mirrors and exposed brick walls – it’s a study in contrasts at Guy Christian, which is exactly what the owner wanted for his second salon.
Aiming for an ‘anti-salon’ feel, Guy Christian worked closely with Beauty Planet Salon Designs to bring to life his creative vision; a second space in the heart of Cardiff’s buzzing Bay area.
guy christian salon designnew salon designbeauty planet salon designguy christian salon design
Classic and inspiring salon design by Beauty Planet Salon Design
If you need salon retail design services, call us on 0208 875 2343 for more information.

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austin macdonald | multimedia content at-large

N3: Julian Goss.

In perhaps the most erudite presentation of our five-part series, Julian Goss, Program Chair of the Industrial Design Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design, descended from his hovering, ivory, Alsop tabletop to lead members on a romp through 150 years of industrial design history.

Neither academic nor dull, Goss, a 10- year expat from Glasgow, now a naturalized and staunch Canadian who looks like Moby’s bulkier brother and speaks like Sean Connery, disarmed audiences with a presentation sprinkled with banter, asides and self-effacing anecdotes, all delivered in his remaining Scottish brogue while flipping through a slideshow of his industrial-design “faves.” 

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Half-in-jest warnings about this Glaswegian’s dark, dangerous and scary edge proved unfounded. Instead, Goss teetered on the comedic. At one point, after admitting his fondness for Apple products from behind his heavy framed glasses, he paused to realize, “I’m a bit of a design cliche right now”. Later, he asked the…

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