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N3: Julian Goss.

In perhaps the most erudite presentation of our five-part series, Julian Goss, Program Chair of the Industrial Design Department at the Ontario College of Art and Design, descended from his hovering, ivory, Alsop tabletop to lead members on a romp through 150 years of industrial design history.

Neither academic nor dull, Goss, a 10- year expat from Glasgow, now a naturalized and staunch Canadian who looks like Moby’s bulkier brother and speaks like Sean Connery, disarmed audiences with a presentation sprinkled with banter, asides and self-effacing anecdotes, all delivered in his remaining Scottish brogue while flipping through a slideshow of his industrial-design “faves.” 

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Half-in-jest warnings about this Glaswegian’s dark, dangerous and scary edge proved unfounded. Instead, Goss teetered on the comedic. At one point, after admitting his fondness for Apple products from behind his heavy framed glasses, he paused to realize, “I’m a bit of a design cliche right now”. Later, he asked the…

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